How to collaborate in 2019

It is so often we hear the term “collaboration over competition.” But what does collaborating with your peers look like to you? What if you don’t have a product to sell? Can you still collaborate with your peers? What does a successful collaboration look like and can you collaborate with everyone? 2019 is the year of collaboration, so let’s dig into the different ways you can collaborate and how it can be beneficial for all involved.

This past month, I collaborated with other fashion/style bloggers, and we came up with a style we would all interpret in our own way. For example, we did “Bright Colors in the Winter,” “How to Style Plaid” and “How to Do a Monochromatic Look.” Once we came up with a theme for each day, we set a day, a time and a hashtag for our post. With this collaboration we promoted our posts to bring more traffic to each other’s page. This truly has to be one of the easiest collabs you can do. Remember that ”Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” So even though I can reach people that follow me, the help from other bloggers puts me in a different light.

(You can check all these ladies out on Instagram @simplykura, @lynlabelle, @capturedbydartis, and @hausofky)

I’ve tried collaborating with people on events in the past. I have truly wasted my time many many times. Understand that you cannot collaborate with everyone. Everyone doesn’t have the same work ethic as you. So while you may be brainstorming and researching, the other person can be sitting around and waiting on you to do ALL the work. I was in a situation where a few ladies had come up with an idea and when it was all said and done it was “my baby”. No one had time to do anything but if I needed help they MIGHT be available to help if they have spare time. Beware of people who will do nothing but waste your time.

Having an event or attending events is another way to connect with other bloggers. When connecting with other bloggers it fosters a relationship that may encourage a collaboration in the future. I believe through Bosses and Blogger link up, collaborations have been formed to help each other; whether it’s to sponsor giveaways, or to create future events.

Collaborating can be such an amazing thing, whether it’s with another blogger or a brand. You can collaborate on events together. You can collaborate on making a product like a t-shirt or makeup. As long as each party is willing to put in equal work. In 2019 and beyond we really want to lift each other up as best we can. I believe as you lift up others you bring more opportunities your way!

As always,


Suburban Fashionista