I am enough…Being confident in the corporate world

For as long as I can remember, I have always just wanted to see my friends/family happy.. Not just with their finances, relationships, etc but as a whole – just happy. When I started working as a career consultant, I quickly realized that part of the reason the people around me were not happy, was because of their jobs. Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about the society that we live in today, one that pushes entrepreneurship, when in all honesty not everyone is built for the entrepreneur life. While, I do have my business, I am still a full time corporate America living boss, as well as a student. There are things that I see daily, that do nothing but contribute to the fact that some people are not happy in their positions at work. How do I know? I see it and I lived it.

I remember being in a dark place as it related to my work life. I was tired from all the hours I would put in. I constantly had run ins with my coworkers and I was ready to walk away. Even if that meant quitting my job and taking a pay cut. There were people that I knew needed me in that space, so I stayed for as long as I could. However, I wish that I would have recognized sooner, what I was actually dealing with. I was heading towards depression, thankfully, through the help of God and my support system, it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Some of the things that we do on a daily basis are doing nothing but contributing to our stress, anxiety, hurt, etc. I *think* I have somewhat mastered being a fairly successful woman in my career, but there are things that I learned along the way that I wish others would have shared, so I figured, why not share?

One thing I had to do was to learn that I AM ENOUGH. I would beat myself up thinking that I just was not doing a good job. While I am much happier in my current role, I still do it. I spend an extensive amount of time thinking – what can I do better? I often have to look in the mirror and again, remind myself that I am enough. I am in this position for a reason. I am the expert. Period.

Another thing that helped me grow in the corporate world is not being afraid to self-reflect. Who knows us better than we know ourselves? Sometimes it is a matter of simply checking myself. I know what I am capable and it is my job to recognize when I am falling short. I also quickly learned not to be offended by the feedback of others, especially when there is truth to it. Take as much time as you need before responding to feedback, it is easy to get offended.

Lastly, do not continuously apologize for things that do not require an apology. I used to find myself constantly apologizing via email if I was too busy to respond immediately. In reality, there is no need for apologizing, you have a right to prioritize your work and if their request doesn’t make the cut, so be it!

While our work, entrepreneurship or corporate, is important, we are more important. Recognize the signs of when work is becoming stressful, remember who you, that you are enough, self reflect, make changes, and be happy!

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