To The Old Me

This is dedicated to the old me, not just the teenage me but the me from last year. Just yesterday I attend my best friends 27th tea party birthday event. We always joke about how old we are compared to when we met 10 years ago. Partying till 5 am, go to work just to do it all over again that night. 

Sitting next to her I began to reflect on my own 27th birthday that is now rather hard to remember. Yes, my memory is terrible! At 27, all I can remember is I was over my job, and love life. The only thing I was semi proud of was finishing my Associates degree. I really wasn’t excited about it because in my mind it should have been completed 3 years ago. I had no clear vision for my life or the things I truly wanted.

As I am approaching 29, I finally feel like I am walking towards my purpose. No, I’m not sure where God will place me. Honestly I’m leaving that up to Him. Truth be told I’ve grown more these past 5 months than the past year. Yes, I’m still growing and figuring this thing called life out. I’ve traveled outside the country, loved and lost, and changed jobs a few times, but through it all I’m stronger and better off because of everything I’ve experienced. 

The beginning of this year I decided to not only take some risk but focus on finding out who I am, what I want, and what brings joy to my life. I’m still evolving but I’m satisfied with the journey that got me to this point.

In honor of 28 years of living I want to reflect on the life lessons I’ve learned on this journey.  And celebrate the year to come. 

Dear Domonique always remember… 


1. Keep God at the FRONTLINE (not the side, middle or back) always in front of everything.

2. Don’t belittle your accomplishments because you are comparing them to someone else. 

3. Timing is EVERYTHING, never rush. 

4. Complaining will not fix anything. ( God hears you, but you must move first)  

5. Privacy is almost nonexistent, protect it at all cost.

6. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 

7. Failure will teach you more than success will.  

8. Your body needs rest, don’t go so far into overdrive you forget to rest.  

9. Blessings can be big or small, acknowledge them all. 

10. The things that scare you are the things that you need to do more of.

11. If your not happy that’s on you to change it not the people around you. 

12. Enjoy the moment, you may never get the chance again.  

13. Self love is more than just pampering yourself. ( Hold yourself to a HIGH standard)

14. A no can also mean something better is in store for you.

15. He is actually who he appears to be .. NOT THE MAN FOR YOU!

16. Be mindful of what you consume, read books that promote mental growth.  

17. Balance is key, between the old you and the new you.

18. Move around the roadblocks, it is not a dead end. 

19. You can’t control life but you can control how you react. 

20. Learn to say NO. 

21.  Money helps buts it is NOT everything.

22. Have a strong support system. 

23. In any relationship, if you’re giving more than they are, cut it off.

24. Check your ego in order to remain genuinely humble.

25. Asking for help is not the end of the world, having help is a blessing. 

26. People will lie to you not to hurt you but to protect their self. 

27. A friend turned hater was a hater from the start. 

28. It is more than okay to put yourself first.  Putting others first all the time is a disservice to yourself.

29. I’m doing 29 in honor of my birthday next month… Move forward into your own lane, don’t look back. 

 Feel free to add your experiences as well!



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